Thee Getaway Gal

Travel blogger Daidri Smythe was after a complete re-design of her blog, Thee Getaway Gal. She requested a hand drawn logo to represent her love of adventures and photography, and I recommended large slideshows to show off her fantastic images, plus a bespoke home page with featured posts, an interactive map, and headings posed as questions to provide readers with interesting ways to dive into her content.

Client: Daidri Smythe

Location: California

Genre: Travel

Platform: WordPress

Key Features

Bespoke WordPress theme
Complete implementation and design of blog
Interactive HTML5 map; customised posts
Logo design, custom fonts

Happy Clients

Stephanie is a gem to work with! Her dedication to create a product that both parties can be proud of is unwavering and exceeded my expectations in every way. She was extremely patient throughout the project despite my struggles to communicate my visions clearly and went above and beyond to develop a look that was unique to me. I am over-the-moon with the new site design and would not hesitate to reach out to her again for future projects!


Thee Getaway Gal