Get Food Fit

Tracey, a cookbook author and healthy food blogger, had set up a website on Wix, which just wasn’t performing for her. She needed bespoke functionality, with a members-only area for her recipes, a custom blog and a shop for her cookery e-books. Together, we worked out a delicious colourscheme and I designed her new logo to fit with her fun and welcoming style. The protected recipe area is now attracting more and more subscribers, and works seamlessly with her Mailchimp newsletter. Overall, her site is now professional, and still warm and friendly – just like Tracey herself!

Client: Tracey Pattison

Location: Sydney

Genre: Food & Lifestyle

Platform: WordPress

Key Features

Bespoke WordPress theme
Logo development
Members-only area, protected content, Mailchimp sync
Custom blog and filterable content design

Happy Clients

Tracey Pattison

I had fallen in love with Stephanie’s beautiful work through seeing friends’ websites being produced, so I approached her in the hope that she would be able to take on the challenge of the specific “type” of website that I was hoping for.

Working with Stephanie has been a truly delicious experience for me – from start to finish. Her calm and patience is a strong virtue as I really am quite technically illiterate. But what I was most impressed with – and will always be eternally grateful for – is that she was able to capture EXACTLY what my vision was for my website, and from the first round of the design process too.

My website is honestly and absolutely perfect in every way and I couldn’t be prouder to show it to the world. I am still amazed that within such a short timeframe what beautiful work she has created. I really can’t wait to develop more projects with her over the coming months to continue our working relationship. Thank you Stephanie! x